I Am Hathin

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Hathin 3 I Am Hathin website final 2020


The story of Hathin continues in this tale of love and loneliness as Hathin faces his biggest battle yet - the one going on inside of him. Follow Hathin as he struggles to get over his forced seperation from his family and friends due to the dangerous nightwalker venom flowing through his veins, causing him to become the very thing he's been at war with for so long. Desperate to find answers and a possible cure that will conquer his newfound curse, Hathin ends up on a brand new journey among some very familiar faces. It's the third story in David J. Rouzzo's Hathin series, and it now features the short trilogy closing story, "The Archangel".

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SERIES: Book 3 of 5

Book One: Hathin

Book Two: Hathin Resurrection

Book Three: I Am Hathin

Hathin 3 I Am Hathin website final 2020

Book Four: Hathin Reborn

Book Five: Hathin Rising


"Can't wait to read more! It was a fast and riveting read. I am looking forward to reading more Hathin adventures".
- Amazon.com reader, cindyh

An easy and fun read that delves into the battles of good versus evil and where to draw the line. Is blood thicker than water when you must take sides? The hero, Hathin, finds himself in a world from a dream where everyone seems to be in on a secret that he can't remember. Clues, references, and forgotten connections lead Hathin to have visions that reveal the truth and his quest. Are the players who they seem to be?
- Lulu.com reader, Karen A. Traer