Hathin Rising

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Hathin Rising Cover website final 2020


The final days of war fall upon Hathin and the others as they join forces with the Rising. The Grigori and vampires have successfully set free Samyaza, and Hathin and Elizabeth have lost someone very dear to them. As new developments take place, newfound hope and dangers will rise. Lives will be lost, sacrifices will be made, and the war will become more intense than ever before. As secrets, new threats, and stronger enemies arise, will Hathin, Elizabeth, Isaac and the others have what it takes to rise against the odds?

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SERIES: Book 5 of 5

Book One: Hathin

Book Two: Hathin Resurrection

Book Three: I Am Hathin

Book Four: Hathin Reborn

Book Five: Hathin Rising

Hathin Rising Cover website final 2020


"Can't wait to read more! It was a fast and riveting read. I am looking forward to reading more Hathin adventures".
- Amazon.com reader, cindyh

An easy and fun read that delves into the battles of good versus evil and where to draw the line. Is blood thicker than water when you must take sides? The hero, Hathin, finds himself in a world from a dream where everyone seems to be in on a secret that he can't remember. Clues, references, and forgotten connections lead Hathin to have visions that reveal the truth and his quest. Are the players who they seem to be?
- Lulu.com reader, Karen A. Traer