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Hathin 1 new website final 2020

The first installment of David J. Rouzzo's breath-taking series comes to life with the suspense-filled story of HATHIN. Haunted by frightening visions and memories, a man searches for his past and finds he is part of an unimaginable future. As he finds himself threatened by the vampires called nightwalkers who haunt the town he lives in, he joins a team of people forced together with the same mission - to bring an end to the terror that has haunted them for so long. Find yourself trapped in the battle between Hathin and the nightwalkers and discover a tale will leave you craving for more. Dive into the pages of the book that started the ongoing HATHIN Series and fall in love with the legend filled with suspense, action, terror and love.

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SERIES: Book 1 of 5

Book One: Hathin

Hathin 1 new website final 2020

Book Two: Hathin Resurrection

Book Three: I Am Hathin

Book Four: Hathin Reborn

Book Five: Hathin Rising


"Can't wait to read more! It was a fast and riveting read. I am looking forward to reading more Hathin adventures". - Amazon.com reader, cindyh

An easy and fun read that delves into the battles of good versus evil and where to draw the line. Is blood thicker than water when you must take sides? The hero, Hathin, finds himself in a world from a dream where everyone seems to be in on a secret that he can't remember. Clues, references, and forgotten connections lead Hathin to have visions that reveal the truth and his quest. Are the players who they seem to be? - Lulu.com reader, Karen A. Traer