Leprechauns Hate Stereotypes
(And All Types of Stereos)

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leprechauns 2 - unicorns and unicycles2 website final 2020


WARNING: NOT FOR KIDS! Despite the title, unicorns have very little to do with this book. "Unicorns" is a follow-up to the author's last randoms book, "Leprechauns Hate Stereotypes". It is a collection of jokes, short stories, poems, funny things kids say, and more. INTRODUCING: WORDPLAY! If you're a fan of mad libs, then you'll love the Wordplay! features of this book, putting a personalized spin on the concept of mad libs involving the author's best-selling books! If you hate this book, use it as a coaster, because it's cheap, decorative, and had a little work put into it.

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