Leprechauns Hate Stereotypes
(And All Types of Stereos)

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Despite the title, leprechauns have very little to do with this book. In fact, other than the title and a few random pictures, leprechauns actually have absolutely nothing to do with this book. If a leprechaun sees this book and is offended by the title, please feel free to reach out to me. I'll offer you my sincerest apologies, and then we'll read the book and laugh together. If you are offended by the title of this book and you are NOT, in fact, a leprechaun at all, then you need to relax - which it just so happens the contents of this book can help you to do. And if the contents of this book don't help you relax, then remember - it is thin enough that it will make for an excellent coaster to rest your drinks on. Don't want those condensation rings on your coffee table, after all!

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