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Four of David J. Rouzzo's most popular titles come together Hathin Haunted by frightening visions and memories, a man searches for his past and finds himself threatened by vampires. Some Planets Aren't so Close to Earth Follow the life of Zane Pierce, a man who suddenly finds his dreams haunted by a beautiful woman named Amaris. Dreams soon turn to reality and Zane discovers he is a part of a much bigger picture than he could have ever imagined. The Well Strategized and Thoroughly Thought Out Self Destruction of Harry Flynnt Find yourself on an average quest through mediocrity as you experience Harry's life first-hand, and share in his trials and triumphs along the way. Euphoria Damien Williams is just an average guy working a dead-end job and tolerating a miserable relationship. His life takes a quick turn as he stumbles into another world called Euphoria - a beautiful world full of elves, witches, pirates, mermaids, dragons and so much more.

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